Best of Homestars 2015


Mini Roll Off Truck and bins fit in tight spots!

Do you recycle?
We make every attempt to recycle everything including furniture and other donatable items, electronics, metal, dirt, concrete and hazard waste. We also recycle paper, cardboard and plastic if in big enough quantity.

Does the bin damage my driveway?
No, we put wood or plywood under the bin. Also, all our bins have a wheel at the back so it doesn't dig into the ground and also for maneuverability to get the bin into tight spaces.

Can your truck fit into a tight laneway?
Many laneways in Toronto have signs that read no vehicles over 2m in width. We can fit down those alleyways. Our trucks can fit in most places a big car can.

Where can you drop a bin that I rent?

On driveway, in garage, on lawn. Also on the road if on side street with a valid parking spot for 2-3 hours, not at rush hour or permit is required.

Are you licensed and insured?
Employees, trucks and equipment are fully licensed and insured. We also have liability insurance and WSIB clearance certificates.

What payment do you accept?
Cash (Must be paid on bin drop off), Visa, Master Card and American Express

What excavating do you do?
We often remove old driveways concrete/asphalt and dig out usually 3 inches of dirt and level the ground to prepare for new driveway. We also have an excavator for digging trenches for water line or digging a hole for a pool. We do water proofing, digging down basements and underpinning too.

What do you demo?
Entire houses, interior of houses to studs, to sub-floor, non load bearing walls, old garages, etc.